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Welcome to TERRA, an open map where you can post images of natural landscapes around the world.

When posting:
-Post to the approximate location of the place where the picture was taken.
-The title of the post can reflect the name of the place but doesn't have to.
-A description is not necessary, but if you have a story to go with the picture, it will make it more interesting.
-If you are not the person who took the picture, provide a link to the source in the description.
-Post compelling and HD pictures (at least 1920x1080). 
-Pleas keep in mind to only post material that focuses on nature and not people.
-If there is a post near the area you want to post to, click in the approximate vicinity.
-TERRA is a open map so anyone who is signed in can post to this map.
-TERRA is a moderated map, any explicit content will be removed.
-Do not spam or repost images.